How To Get Rid Of Sloppy Mistakes In Your Guitar Technique

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You've probably had days when everything feels easy and effortless while playing guitar … There's nothing like this feeling.

You've probably also had bad guitar playing days where you constantly made mistakes and felt frustrated. Does this ring a bell?

You are not the only one who has this experience. Every guitarist goes through the same thing (even the really great ones).

Wouldn't it be awesome to play guitar at your very best every time you play?

For sure it would … and it's not as hard to do as you might think.

The most simple way to get rid of the sloppy mistakes that cause frustration in your playing is improving how you practice. This helps you become a better guitarist faster, regardless of how much time you have to practice each day.

These are five additional guitar practicing tips that help you play at your best, even when you are having a bad day:

Guitar Practice Tip # 1: Make Your Guitar Technique Super-Efficient, To Make Your Playing Accurate & Consistent. Here Is How:

When you use guitar technique that is as efficient as possible, your hands don't do not move any more than they are needed to play a note. This gets rid of sloppy playing mistakes and makes fast guitar playing feel very effortless.

These are many easy ways to improve your guitar technique efficiency:

* Keep the pick close to the strings in between notes. Don't move the pick away from them unless you are using string skipping.

* Fret notes using the very tip of your fingers.

* Use a thick guitar pick. Thick means it at least does not bend whenever you go to pick a string.

* Place your fretting hand thumb behind the neck of the guitar while playing scale and arpeggio patterns. This makes it easier to stretch your fingers to play notes, helping you play guitar cleaner and more accurate.

Guitar Practice Tip # 2: Remove Excess Tension From Your Body That Causes Sloppy Mistakes. Here Is How:

Keep your hands relaxed as long as you can – This makes it easier to keep them in perfect sync with each other and play guitar without messing up.

Guitar Practice Tip # 3: Practice Performing On Guitar For Others, To Overcome Stage Fright & Play Without Mistakes When It Really Counts. Here Is How:

It's natural to make more mistakes whenever you play in front of others than when you are playing alone at home. The following are several ways to stop making mistakes while playing for others:

Simulate real-life musical performing conditions when you practice guitar.

For instance:

* Stand up to practice.

* Practice guitar while keeping the amp very close to you.

* Practice guitar with the amp in the other room.

* Practice guitar while moving around your room.

Most of all, perform guitar for others as much as you can.

Guitar Practice Tip # 4: Integrate Guitar Techniques Together To Make It Easy To Play Difficult Guitar Licks. Here Is How:

What is the one thing most guitar players wish they could get better at but never actually practice? Integrating their skills together. Integration means being able to easily combine all your skills together in a manner that sounds natural, musical and effortless.

When you are able to do this, your biggest guitar playing mistakes fade away.

Guitar Practice Tip # 5: Develop A Lot More Guitar Technique Than You Think Is Required. This Is Why This Helps You:

Think about your greatest goals with guitar technique. Maybe you wish you could play certain riffs or guitar solos, or maybe you wish you could raise your max playing speed by 50 beats per minute. Set up your goals to try to play at a level that is a little higher than what you want. Example: practice playing a song that is 20 beats per minute faster than the actual tempo you want to play it at.

When you develop more technique (or gain more speed) than you need to reach your goals, you become less probable to mess up because you are never playing just below your limit. This makes it easier to focus on enjoying yourself rather than feeling frustrated because you keep making mistakes.

Now that you understand how to get rid of mistakes from your guitar playing, do you want to learn a much easier guitar practice method that uses all the ideas discussed here and cleans up your playing in no time?

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